Drive In Racking

Palletstor drive-in racking provides a highly space-efficient solution to the storage and throughput of palletised goods. By dispensing with access aisles drive-in racking provides a high-density of storage in a given area to increase capacity by some 60-80% over conventional 'aisle' racking.

Pallets are stored on guide rails in the depth of the racking and forklift trucks enter these 'storage lanes' to deposit or retrieve loads. Access can be from one end (the true 'drive-in' configuration) or from both ends ('drive-through', for improved stock rotation).

Racking heights up to 11 metres allow the full height and floor area of the building to be used to provide maximum cubic storage space.

Drive-in racking - the ideal solution for optimum space utilisation without requiring specialist handling equipment.

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Drive In Racking

Drive In Racking

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