Rotary Filing Units

As well as filing efficiency, security comes high up on the list of requirements for document storage, within today's 'open plan' office environment.

Our rotary filing cabinets provide security, excellent space utilisation and filing efficiency, by reducing access times by up to 50%.

A double-sided shelving bay rotates on a central axis within the cabinet, allowing the operator access to over 10.5 linear metres of storage without moving.

When not in use the cabinet can be locked in the closed position for secure file storage.

For more details click here to download our Office Storage Solutions brochure, alternatively if you need to secure existing shelving on site then click here to download our Security Doors Datasheet (both are in PDF format).

Everything to hand when you need it

Today's office environment creates demands for efficiency in filing and document management. See below how rotary filing cabinets can make best use of available space in your office.

Everything to hand when you need it

If you require more information about our Rotary Filing Units, please get in touch using the quick contact form below or the e-mail form on our 'Contact Us' page.

Secure, high-density storage
for every office

Unique 'Flipper'Opening Action, easy to open cabinet doors

Unique 'Flipper' Opening Action

Conventional Rotary units are fitted with rubber strips which allow fingers to enter into a locked Rotary and gain access to the files or valuables. In contrast Atlantic Rotary cabinets feature a unique opening system which enlarges the space available at the sides of the picking faces, allowing easy rotating of the unit by the operator. The lock is opened and the handle turned and swung out swinging the 'flipper' clear of the shelving units.

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